Bruce Cozadd, MBA

Access & Affordability while Sustaining Innovation


My top recommendation for the incoming administration is an increased focus on the role innovation plays in our healthcare system, our economy and even our national security, as evidenced by the critical role innovation has played in combatting the pandemic.  Ultimately, it is innovation that is helping patients to live healthier and better quality lives. The value proposition behind innovation can only be realized if people have access to medicines that they need. While the pharmaceutical industry has an important role to play in patient access, other stakeholders including the government are responsible for maintaining a sustainable healthcare system. The new administration will come into power at a critical time.  The pharmaceutical industry, providers, payers and government have an opportunity to work together on policies that improve access and significantly improve the overall well-being of patients through policies that address health disparities and inequities and policies that bring meaningful patient affordability to programs like Medicare. These actions are particularly timely and relevant for those with rare or complex diseases. 

I challenge the new administration to build off the U.S. research engine that is powering us out of the current crisis and work toward establishing improved access and affordability without sacrificing future innovation.