The mission of The Zetema Project’s Graduate Student Fellowship Program is to invest in and cultivate the emerging US healthcare business and policy leaders of the future. We look at the members of our Panel and ask ourselves: “How do we find graduate students with the potential to become such leaders? How can we foster their learning, connect them to broad and deep networks, and help them develop the key skills and relationships that will help them succeed?”

Zetema Fellows are selected through a highly competitive process from leading US graduate programs in healthcare policy, medicine, business, public health, law, and journalism. At our meetings, Fellows present issue summaries, set the stage for conversation by debating each other, and participate in the discussion. Behind the scenes, Fellows conduct research, receive mentorship from our Panelists, and connect regularly with our staff to discuss content, skills-development, and future professional opportunities.

The Zetema Fellowship lasts for the full calendar year and Fellows must be enrolled students for its duration.