Molly Joel Coye

A global leader in healthcare innovation, Dr. Molly Coye’s career has spanned executive leadership in government, academic and private health systems, innovative technology and health services firms, and national policy advocacy and development. Dr. Coye currently serves as Executive in Residence at AVIA, the leading network for health systems deploying digital solutions to innovate and transform healthcare, where she is executive sponsor for the Medicaid Transformation Project. Dr. Coye is also an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine and serves on the board of directors for Amedisys (AMED), Ginger, and ConsejoSano, as well as HealthTech4Medicaid, a nonprofit established to advance digital solutions for underserved populations, in addition to advising venture investment firms and venture-backed companies developing digital health services.

Previously, Dr. Coye has served as Chief Innovation Officer at UCLA Health; engaged in extended board service at Aetna, Inc. and at the largest nonprofit global innovator in health sciences,; founded and led HealthTech, which became the premier forecasting organization for emerging technologies in health care from 2000-2010; was Commissioner of Health for the State of New Jersey, Director of the California State Department of Health Services, and Head of the Division of Public Health Practice at the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health.