Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker is CEO of UNITEHERE HEALTH, a Taft-Hartley trust fund offering health benefits to 225,000 participants throughout the United States. Reporting to a Board of Trustees made up equally of hospitality industry executives and union leaders, Mr. Walker oversees a $1 billion health fund for hospitality industry workers and their families.

Prior to joining UNITEHERE HEALTH in June of 2012, Mr. Walker served as Vice President of the North American union, UNITE HERE, and the Director of the Strategic Affairs Department, the union’s 100-person strategic research, campaign, and planning department. Mr. Walker has over 25 years of labor relations experience much of it focused on strategic planning and strategic campaigns. He also advised national and local union leaders on the strategic direction of their organizations. A seasoned public speaker, he has testified before Congress and other legislative and regulatory bodies and spoken at forums on health care, corporate governance, labor relations, and organizing for institutional change. Mr. Walker served as an elected member of the UNITE HERE’s General Executive Board for over 15 years and as a director of the Amalgamated Bank of New York for four. Mr. Walker graduated from Yale University in 1984. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife and two daughters.