Richard Lu

Richard Lu is a 2021 Zetema Project Fellow and a 2022 MD candidate at Harvard Medical School. 

As a Zetema Project Fellow, his role is to participate and present in Project meetings, contribute to Project research and writing, and enhance the Project’s network by engaging with the Project’s Panelists, Contributors, and staff.

Richard’s work aims to dismantle the systemic and institutional barriers that prevent millions of Americans from adequate healthcare access. This drive is informed by a variety of healthcare experiences, which have spanned involvement in opportunities ranging from designing electronic health record systems in Kenya to understanding vaccine development barriers in South Africa to assisting U.S. state governments with healthcare payment reform efforts while at McKinsey & Company. Richard is a founding member of Off Their Plate, a non-profit developed during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide economic relief to restaurants and meals for healthcare workers and communities in need. 

Richard earned an MBA and MSc in Global Health Science at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He graduated with a BA in Chemistry with minors in Global Health and Health Policy from Princeton University, where he served as a 2016 Class Officer and Resident Advisor prior to enrolling in graduate school.